19:02 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric Tnx John. 73 all. QRT. BBLEN34gx
19:01 W9JN/4X9/1KW John185100 5 -20 3.4 -266 3 # G4TRA W0XG EN34 OOO your last one culEN54dn
19:00 W9JN/4X9/1KW Johnstop CQ bbl this early evening 73 EN54dn
19:00 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric 185900 1 -21 1.3 -38 4 * CQ W9JN EN54 1 10EN34gx
18:59 W0XG/4M2XP20/K EricG4TRA Steve 73 Tnx for try. CULEN34gx
18:58 W9JN/4X9/1KW JohnJake bought 902 system from Charlie N0AKCEN54dn
18:57 W9JN/4X9/1KW JohnKen WA9LFO my grandson Jacob K9TVG and I were kinda dry this year with subjectsEN54dn
18:57 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric John My XYL says I need to get out more :)EN34gx
18:56 W9JN/4X9/1KW JohnI suppose both ants were high in elevation EN54dn
18:56 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric John NosirEN34gx
18:55 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric Steve Here is your best 181800 5 -22 2.4 48 3 * W0XG G4TRA IO81 1 10EN34gx
18:55 W9JN/4X9/1KW JohnEric were you at Aurora Saturday?EN54dn
18:54 W9JN/4X9/1KW JohnW9JN CQ CQ 144.127 SECOND EN54dn
18:54 W0XG/4M2XP20/K EricJohn RR. I have worked KA0RYT off the moon. About 60 miles away!EN34gx
18:52 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric Steve I can be. Do you want to make a sked?EN34gx
18:52 W9JN/4X9/1KW JohnI better watch the caps HIEN54dn
18:51 W0XG/4M2XP20/K EricMy afternoon thrill is to drop off some antifreeze and oil at local recycling centerEN34gx
18:51 G4TRA SteveW0XG I guess not. Tnx fer try I stop. Are you around tomorrow?IO81wn
18:50 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric Trace-30 at 1846ZEN34gx
18:48 G4TRA SteveW0XG Do you still see me?IO81wn
18:47 W0XG/4M2XP20/K EricG4TRA Steve. Don't worry about that. I can keep going until you say stop.EN34gx
18:46 G4TRA SteveW0XG I am sorry Eric, I am wasting your time. At 4 degree and nil hereIO81wn
18:43 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric GA John. EN34gx
18:41 G4TRA SteveW0XG I am unsure as I have not yet seen you Eric. Maybe WSJT will help, there are less sproggies on the screenIO81wn
18:40 W9JN/4X9/1KW John W9JN CQ CQ 144.127 SECONDEN54dn
18:40 W9JN/4X9/1KW JohnHi Steve and Eric gl EN54dn
18:39 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric -24 dB decode #6EN34gx
18:38 G4TRA SteveW0XG 4 degree coming up GG thenIO81wn
18:38 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric Is my Tx freq OK for you now? The IC7000 says I'm 144.130,04EN34gx
18:36 G4TRA SteveW0XG OK going over to WSJT. MSHV can't crack itIO81wn
18:34 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric -26 no decode that timeEN34gx
18:33 KB7IJ/4X9H/600 RichWSJT 10 finally got enough to average out your call SteveEM12mr
18:33 G4TRA Stevescree=screenIO81wn
18:33 G4TRA SteveW0SG Sri cannot get a decode from any of the traces going down my scree this afternoonIO81wn
18:31 G4TRA SteveW0XG This one is extremely frustrating :o(IO81wn
18:30 KB7IJ/4X9H/600 RichSteve, 290 down from your trace. Sorry, not smart enough to figure out the Doppler applicationEM12mr
18:30 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric Steve I'm fully independent Tx and Rx freq. Tell what you'd likeEN34gx
18:29 G4TRA SteveW0XG I will RIT to 130.00IO81wn
18:28 G4TRA SteveoffsetIO81wn
18:28 G4TRA SteveW0XG I am sorry, normal I can see stations that see me. But I cannot find you with this offseIO81wn
18:27 G4TRA SteveRRIO81wn
18:27 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric Now up +40Hz Rx V Tx H .. 5 decodesEN34gx
18:25 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric You want me to go + 40Hz ?EN34gx
18:25 G4TRA SteveKB7IJ TU RichIO81wn
18:25 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric 4 decodes :)EN34gx
18:24 G4TRA SteveW0XG Is it possible to move 40Hz either way OKIO81wn
18:23 KB7IJ/4X9H/600 Richw0xg -19 ... G4TRA -23 no decode EM12mr
18:22 G4TRA SteveW0XG I am sure the trace is yours, but nil decode. using MSHV, not sure if it is as good as WSJT-10IO81wn
18:22 W0XG/4M2XP20/K Eric Good evening Franco. Maybe tomorrow 73EN34gx