14:19 RW3SK IgorStop CQ .124KO94xu
14:19 DK3WG/6X14/KW Jurg141800 2 -24 2.0 62 4 * CQ YL100V JO72gi
14:17 DK3WG/6X14/KW Jurg141600 10 -23 63 4 73 JO72gi
14:14 DK3WG/6X14/KW Jurg141200 1 -27 1.9 70 0 # DK3WG YL100V KO37 OOO tnx fer QSO Janis, 73, gl with special callJO72gi
14:14 YL100R/4X9H/800 Vlad+++++144.121 +++ 1st 10min CQKO26aw
14:12 RX4HW/2X14/600 MaxG4TRA Steve Oh, that's soon! i'm sharpen my ears...LO53dn
14:11 G4TRA Steve+++++++ CQ G4TRA 114 2nd +++++++IO81wn
14:09 DK3WG/6X14/KW JurgYL100V you on Jt65B ? agn -28 not decodet JO72gi
14:08 G4TRA SteveRX4HW 4 degree is 1414 UTCIO81wn
14:06 RX4HW/2X14/600 MaxG4TRA Steve 4 deg is in abt 20 min...LO53dn
14:06 G4TRA SteveRX4HW Yes, you have good rx anyway to work me. Lets see what today bringsIO81wn
14:05 RX4HW/2X14/600 MaxG4TRA Steve Aha... There is a chance for my RX set up to give a taste of its qualityLO53dn
14:05 DK3WG/6X14/KW JurgYL100V nilJO72gi
14:03 G4TRA SteveRX4HW GG at 4 degree MaxIO81wn
14:02 G4TRA SteveRX4HW At 2.5 degree now Max IO81wn
14:02 G4TRA SteveRX4HW 4,8 and 14 degrees Max (So I am told)IO81wn
14:01 RW3SK Igor----- CQ CQ .124 1st ------KO94xu
14:00 YL100R/4X9H/800 VladRW3SK Igor okKO26aw
14:00 RX4HW/2X14/600 MaxG4TRA Steve with what elev. comes your GG?LO53dn
14:00 RW3SK IgorYL100R Vlad Privet, eto ne moya trassaKO94xu
13:59 G4TRA Steve+++++++ CQ G4TRA 114 2nd +++++++IO81wn
13:59 G4TRA SteveG4SWX No, he'll let us know that he hears nothing u there. Maybe he might find it easier if he was to tell us where and when he was listening :o)IO81wn
13:59 YL100R/4X9H/800 VladRW3SK Igor HI spb za raport,prinimaju trace, no bez dekodaKO26aw
13:59 DK3WG/6X14/KW JurgTR8CA ga, nil on map65 today !JO72gi
13:56 DK3WG/6X14/KW Jurg*********** any new one like to try ? **********JO72gi
13:55 RW3SK Igor-24 2.0 97 3 * CQ YL100R KO94xu
13:54 G4TRA SteveUB6A Looking for you AlexIO81wn
13:53 G4TRA SteveG4SWX I hope I dont put to many off this afternoon :o(IO81wn
13:53 G4TRA SteveRW0JC GM Vlad, time to test, it is MR here nowIO81wn
13:53 DK3WG/6X14/KW Jurg135200 2 -27 1.8 100 3 * .....nondeoding JO72gi
13:52 G4TRA SteveRX4HW GL then, it's a good test of your rx set up if you can see my weak signalIO81wn
13:51 DK3WG/6X14/KW JurgYL100V sri, got no decoding with my call...stopJO72gi
13:50 RX4HW/2X14/600 MaxG4TRA Steve trying to catch you now... But RX only, till my new PA is goint to get one more fan LO53dn
13:50 YL100R/4X9H/800 Vlad+++++144.121 +++ 1st 10min CQKO26aw
13:50 G4TRA SteveG4SWX Pardon?IO81wn
13:48 G4TRA Steve+++++++ CQ G4TRA 114 2nd +++++++IO81wn