06:14 IK8YSS CostaStop Cq .130 , tnx allJN70au
06:08 IK8YSS CostaI0YLI ciao Peter grazie , almeno so di non essere solo !JN70au
06:06 I0YLI/4WL/QRO PeterIK8YSS GM Costa - Ti ricevo benissimo , ma ..... via TROPO ! GL & 73sJN61hu
06:01 IK8YSS CostaCQ CQ .130 1st H few minuts, pse any rpt welcomeJN70au
05:36 DL1BEC/4X11/600 AcimI0YLI tnx for the test Peter vy 73 and have a nice dayJO33sc
05:34 DL1BEC/4X11/600 Acimsmall trace -30, no decodeJO33sc
05:34 I0YLI/4WL/QRO PeterDL1BEC - Tnx Achim .... NO CHANCES atm ... I need the moon a bit lower ... Have a nice day ... GL & 73sJN61hu
05:29 DL1BEC/4X11/600 AcimI0YLI Gm Peter elevation here about 20 degrees ...it should be 8 degrees...will call a few minutesJO33sc
05:28 F5AQX/4X10H/600 AndreDL1BEC, RR Achim, tnx for try next weekend, vy good day, 73 !JN27sd
05:27 I0YLI/4WL/QRO PeterDL1BEC GM - pse continue for a while...hr try to decode (No Elev.here!) @.120 JN61hu
05:25 DL1BEC/2X11/600 AchimF5AQX hope can fix it next weekend and we will try next time vy 73JO33sc
05:23 F5AQX/4X10H/600 AndreAchim, sorry, last call, see you tomorrow, GL, 73JN27sd
05:23 DL1BEC/2X11/600 AchimF5AQX same here small trace -30 no decode JO33sc
05:21 F5AQX/4X10H/600 AndreAchim, i see weak trace -31 no decode now !JN27sd
05:17 F5AQX/4X10H/600 AndreDL1BEC, RR Achim, tnx for try againJN27sd
05:14 DL1BEC/2X11/600 AchimF5AQX ok will continue for a few minutesJO33sc
05:13 F5AQX/4X10H/600 AndreAchim, i call you again few mins, pse continue call meJN27sd
05:12 DL1BEC/2X11/600 AchimF5AQX hope can fix it next weekendJO33sc
05:10 DL1BEC/2X11/600 AchimF5AQX saw your call with -24 and nothing after that...may be elevation here to much with nearly 20 degreesJO33sc
05:09 F5AQX/4X10H/600 AndreDL1BEC, sorry Achim, i lost you, tnx for try later, GL, 73JN27sd
05:07 F5AQX/4X10H/600 AndreAchim, i call you in Vpol nowJN27sd
05:02 F5AQX/4X10H/600 AndreAchim, good echoes hereJN27sd
05:01 DL1BEC/2X11/600 Achimhave problems with my elevation rotator is hanging at 18 so we will see if i receive anythingJO33sc
04:58 F5AQX/4X10H/600 Andre045600 2 -23 2.0 -127 3 * CQ DL1BEC JO33 JN27sd
04:57 F5AQX/4X10H/600 AndreDL1BEC, GM Achim, i call youJN27sd
04:55 DL1BEC/2X11/600 AchimF5AQX Gm Andre tnx for infoJO33sc
04:54 F5AQX/4X10H/600 Andre045200 2 -25 1.6 -116 3 * CQ DL1BEC JO33 JN27sd
04:54 F5AQX/4X10H/600 AndreGM to allJN27sd
04:48 DL1BEC/2X11/600 Achim+++++++++++++CQ 120 1st++++++++++++JO33sc
02:18 YO3CBZ/4X7H/400 StefanGM!KN34ch
20:11 ZL2MQ/4X7XP/K DaveGD AllRF80km
14:34 SM5CUI/60H/40V RuneOK. I look for it 73's JO89ww
14:31 SM5CUI/60H/40V RuneMeet me on Slack and we can discuss there.JO89ww
14:30 SM5CUI/60H/40V Rune Sure Comments and new ideas are always welcome. Go ahead.JO89ww