05:20 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterGN Paul sleep well 73RF82bh
05:18 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterYes QRVRF82bh
05:17 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterW2HRO Hi Paul. Im listening at the moRF82bh
05:16 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterKF4FCO Tnx for try Tim. My DF you reported looks strange?RF82bh
05:15 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW Peter==========STOP .119RF82bh
05:08 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterKF4FCO Tnx report Tim. Nothing seen this way yet though.RF82bh
05:02 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW Peter=========CQ CQ .119 firstRF82bh
05:02 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterKF4FCO Tnx for try Tim. I will try calling .119 firstRF82bh
04:58 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterOk all gd. I will then try calling after thatRF82bh
04:55 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterKF4FCO nothing seen yet TimRF82bh
04:47 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterKF4FCO nice clear sky here. gd view of moon. GLRF82bh
04:41 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW Peterok Tim, I will listen for youRF82bh
04:39 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterKF4FCO sounds like a planRF82bh
04:35 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterKF4FCO Hi TimRF82bh
04:34 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterHL5OC Hi Chung. I maybe going out but I will look for you if I am here.RF82bh
04:19 ZL1HD/4X7H/KW PeterHi allRF82bh
02:48 KD7UO/4X9H/KW Dale~ Clear ~ 144.119 ~CN87xj
02:39 KD7UO/4X9H/KW Dale### cq 144.119 2nd for 10 minutes ###CN87xj
02:36 KD7UO/4X9H/KW DaleWA1NPZ, tnx for NH! I used to live in New Ipswich. 023000 3 -20 2.5 65 3 * KD7UO WA1NPZ FN43CN87xj
02:32 KD7UO/4X9H/KW DaleOh yeah! Congrats on the 1st storm of the season; ride it out Tim! GLCN87xj
02:29 KD7UO/4X9H/KW DaleCool Tim. I was about to give it up and go to 6m. Glad I looked at screen before switching! Tnx & 73 de SeattleCN87xj
02:27 KD7UO/4X9H/KW DaleKF4FCO tnx for init QSO, best -23 022200 2 -25 2.0 213 3 * KD7UO KF4FCO EM70CN87xj
02:22 KD7UO/4X9H/KW DaleAh ha, trace appearing nowCN87xj
02:22 KD7UO/4X9H/KW Dale~ Clear ~ 144.119 ~ CQ stoppedCN87xj
02:00 KD7UO/4X9H/KW Dale~ CQ 2nd ~ 144.119 ~ CN87xj
01:53 W7XU/4X18H/KW ArlissThanks, Doug! Your best -19. 73EN13lm