17:02 KA9CFD/1X12/350 JayJP3EXR Taka, nothing that timeEN40om
17:01 JP3EXR/4X12X500 TakaI change tx-pol to V-pol...PM74ss
17:00 KA9CFD/1X12/350 JayJP3EXR Taka, think i saw the tail end of your tx but didnt get tuned on you quick enoughEN40om
16:59 JP3EXR/4X12X500 TakaK5LA Floyd, Thank you....:-)PM74ss
16:58 JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka(( ( CQ CQ CQ JP3EXR 144.143 Tx Second, H-pol ) ))PM74ss
16:58 K5LA/4X12XP Floydwill do maybe ur signal will come up TakaDM61tv
16:57 AI1K/2X18H/1K JackBA4SIi Taka Tnx best -25 with dead LNADM34rs
16:57 JP3EXR/4X12X500 TakaK5LA Floyd, rr I am calling CQ for a while, Please call me if you can see me...PM74ss
16:57 K5LA/4X12XP Floydshould see you with 500 w Taka can copy Steve in UK with his single yagi and 100 watts 73 thanks DM61tv
16:56 BA4SI/4X12/800 LiAI1K,TNX QSO,B-24PM01hd
16:55 JP3EXR/4X12X500 TakaK5LA Floyd, My QRP signals can not reach you today, Thank you for try today, We will try tomorrow...Thank you..PM74ss
16:54 K5LA/4X12XP FloydTaka I am going back to wsjt 9 see if that works DM61tv
16:51 JP3EXR/4X12X500 TakaK5LA Floyd, rr I always receive your trace on H and I change tx-pol to H for a few.. PM74ss
16:51 K7CA AlCQ CQ 144.128 1stDM37fv
16:51 KA9CFD/1X12/350 JayK7CA Al, very stable best -22EN40om
16:50 K7CA AlKA9CFD. Nice to see you on the moon. Nice signals B-21DM37fv
16:50 K5LA/4X12XP Floydqsb broke up ur trace right at the end DM61tv
16:49 KA9CFD/1X12/350 JayK7CA Al, tnx qso!EN40om
16:49 K5LA/4X12XP Floydsee your trace now DM61tv
16:48 K5LA/4X12XP Floydmust be condx plus my noise level is up to S4 now DM61tv
16:48 K5LA/4X12XP FloydTaka looked at my log we have worked 12 times in the past DM61tv
16:46 JP3EXR/4X12X500 TakaK5LA Floyd, You can not receive my signal due to my QRP tx power I think...PM74ss
16:45 BA4SI/4X12/800 LiCQ 123 1STPM01hd
16:45 K5LA/4X12XP FloydokDM61tv
16:44 JP3EXR/4X12X500 TakaK5LA Floyd, rr I change tx-pol to V again next...PM74ss
16:44 K5LA/4X12XP Floydmy noise is coming up higher DM61tv
16:44 K5LA/4X12XP Floydsee ur trace again did not decode DM61tv
16:44 JP3EXR/4X12X500 TakaK5LA Floyd, I can see your signal all the times...best was -21... PM74ss
16:42 KA9CFD/1X12/350 Jay1640 -16 2.6 938 #* CQ K7CA DM37 EN40om
16:41 K5LA/4X12XP Floydlost you now Taka did you sw pol?DM61tv
16:40 K5LA/4X12XP Floydnow I see a trace DM61tv
16:39 BA4SI/4X12/800 LiRK9JR TNX QSO,B-22PM01hd
16:39 JP3EXR/4X12X500 TakaK5LA Floyd, Thank you...But I can see your signals on H -27 and On V -24, I change tx-pol to H next... PM74ss
16:39 K5LA/4X12XP FloydTaka will switch to horz next DM61tv
16:37 K5LA/4X12XP Floydon vert pol but can switch DM61tv
16:36 K5LA/4X12XP FloydTaka calling now -- nil on ur trace DM61tv
16:36 KA9CFD/1X12/350 JayW7GJ Lance, by the way you were my 50th EME QSO on 2m. a milestone for me. :-)EN40om
16:36 BA4SI/4X12/800 Lino dec=on decPM01hd
16:34 BA4SI/4X12/800 Li163300 1 -24 2.2 312 2 * no decPM01hd
16:34 JP3EXR/4X12X500 TakaK5LA Floyd, Thank you for looking...:-)PM74ss
16:34 K7CA AlCQ CQ 144.128 1stDM37fv
16:33 K5LA/4X12XP FloydJP3EXR looking nowDM61tv
16:32 JP3EXR/4X12X500 TakaK5LA Hello Floyd, Please check my CQ on 144.143 if you have a time...Thank you...PM74ss