17:46 K3IB/1X12H/QRO PhilTNX for try Dave guess it's time to QRT & go do my weekly shopping 73 all & GL EMEFM19uu
17:44 K3IB/1X12H/QRO PhilJT65B Dave moon getting low nowFM19uu
17:41 K3IB/1X12H/QRO PhilGoing to stop Dave traces at -23 but not getting any decodes - TNX for tryFM19uu
17:39 K3IB/1X12H/QRO PhilTNX Dave guess CDX bad agn today not getting traces from U any moreFM19uu
17:32 K3IB/1X12H/QRO Philsequencing TX-RX-TX OK & sending call okFM19uu
17:31 K3IB/1X12H/QRO PhilDave back on will call agn nxt 2nd period nowFM19uu
17:20 K3IB/1X12H/QRO PhilSorry Dave. Getting really frustrating here.FM19uu
17:18 K3IB/1X12H/QRO Philwill take about 5 minutesFM19uu
17:18 K3IB/1X12H/QRO PhilDave - have to stop shut down, restart everything & try again.FM19uu
17:16 K3IB/1X12H/QRO Philthey somehow no longer talk to each other properly. Plus use rigblaster to switch sequencer tx to rx to txFM19uu
17:15 K3IB/1X12H/QRO PhilGood Dave problem here I run Flex 1500 with their software, VAC & WSJT andFM19uu
17:11 K3IB/1X12H/QRO PhilWin 7 PRO 64 bitFM19uu
17:11 K3IB/1X12H/QRO Philnow WSJT 10 R4336 only sends K3I and switches me back to RXFM19uu
17:10 K3IB/1X12H/QRO Philproblems ceveloped after I tried installing WSJT X-64FM19uu
17:09 K3IB/1X12H/QRO PhilHad to restart WSJT Dave problem back with it TXing my IDFM19uu
17:00 K3IB/1X12H/QRO Philseeing some VERY light dots 2nd period Dave U want me to TX first or 2nd period?FM19uu
16:57 K3IB/1X12H/QRO PhilOK Dave. Amp warmed up, watching 144.144 will call U 2nd sequence if u wantFM19uu
16:51 K3IB/1X12H/QRO Philjust turned on amp Dave but will watch 144.145 moon just in good part of main lobeFM19uu
16:50 K3IB/1X12H/QRO Philtings = thingsFM19uu
16:48 K3IB/1X12H/QRO PhilZL2MQ Dave Sorry took a lunch break & missed watching for U tings quiet latelyFM19uu
14:23 N9HF DavetestEL99jf
14:23 N9HF DavegEL99jf
12:46 KB7IJ/4X9H/600 RichNil Gordon, sorry EM12mr
12:45 GI6ATZ/2X9H/400 GordonStop CQ moon to lownowIO74aj
12:18 DK3WG/6X14/HOME JurgKF8MY gm, you here ?JO72gi
12:13 GI6ATZ/2X9H/400 Gordon+++++++Calling CQ 2nd 144.122++++++IO74aj
11:50 DK5LA/256XP/QRO ReinhardMilos...vy73JO44tr
11:48 II0IAAR/8 CostaCq .119 1st few minutsJN70au
11:47 S52LM/4X28XP/KW Milos73 All, OFF LinkJN65tx
11:41 DK5LA/256XP/QRO ReinhardMichael, tnx fb qso..1137 -13 2.8 1144 ## DK5LA KF8MY EN84 OOO JO44tr
11:40 S52LM/4X28XP/KW MilosG4SFY, HI Ray, pse test if posibleJN65tx
11:32 DK5LA/256XP/QRO Reinhard 1131 -13 2.9 1133 #* CQ KF8MY EN84 JO44tr
11:26 ZS6OB/XP20X4/1K Pinehave fun Guys need to get some work done 73KG44de