04:36 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW PeterJH7OPT Thank you MasaRF82bh
04:30 JH7OPT/8X11V500 MasaZL1HD Peter I working next timeQM07di
04:18 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW PeterokRF82bh
04:10 JH7OPT/8X11V500 Masa15min QRXQM07di
04:08 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW PeterHi MasaRF82bh
04:01 JH7OPT/8X11V500 MasaZL1HD Peter GA QM07di
04:00 JH7OPT/8X11V500 MasaHi all!QM07di
03:53 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW PeterHi all, anyone qrv?RF82bh
03:31 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW PeterHi BradRF82bh
03:14 WQ5S/2X12H/KW BradGEEM13ci
00:15 N4SVC SarcAll the Best and thanks for pop'in the Cherry here!EM80mi
00:15 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, OMG, a balloon hoisted 160m vertical! Will read more about your club later. Cheers!CM87wa
00:13 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, No worries, whenever y'all get around to it. You're most welcome, glad to help.CM87wa
00:13 N4SVC SarcBUT- thank you for putting up with me (N2CEI) @ N4SVC EM80mi
00:13 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamQRT now to get ready for dinner.CM87wa
00:12 N4SVC SarcBest here for you was a -22. We are slow with LOTW Its a "club" thingEM80mi
00:11 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, Got your 73, congrats and thank you for the contact! Your best was -26. Uploaded to LoTW, look forward to your confirmation.CM87wa
00:10 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, Very glad to help you out, I was a total noob in the beginning!CM87wa
00:10 N4SVC SarcRookie!EM80mi
00:09 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, and I don't know which polarization you'll have to TX on for me to be able to decode youCM87wa
00:09 N4SVC SarcThat makes sense to me, just need to understand the Program here , so sorry about being a riikie! EM80mi
00:09 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, Excellent! Now send a 73 manuallyCM87wa
00:08 N4SVC SarcCopied RRREM80mi
00:08 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, I often find that I have to TX on one polarization and RX on the other, that's just the nature of the beast.CM87wa
00:08 N4SVC SarcSwitched to Vertical and seeing you againEM80mi
00:07 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, The geometric rotation is also affected by Faraday rotation, so it can be anyone's guess what the actualy end-to-end rotation is.CM87wa
00:07 N4SVC SarcProgram is saying vertical 64 degrees EM80mi
00:06 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, I need to QRT shortly. I"ve received five RO messages in a row from you. Any RRRs from me?CM87wa
00:05 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, If you haven't yet decoded my current message, you might switch polarization. Faraday likes to shift around.CM87wa
00:04 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamThanks, RogerCM87wa
00:04 NJ2R Roger0003 -26 2.2 1293 # RRREN82bk
00:03 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, Note that when you receive a short message like RO or RRR the message won't be highlighted like it does when you receive a message with your callsign in itCM87wa
00:03 NJ2R Roger0001 -26 -1.0 1300 # RRREN82bk
00:01 N4SVC SarcI just sparked up WSJT-X to see if anyone was on to possibly having a chance to copy a signalEM80mi
00:01 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, If/when you see my RRR in the decode window, then select 73, and we'll be doneCM87wa
00:00 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, it appears to be proceeding just fine!CM87wa
00:00 N4SVC SarcWell I'm sorry. I don't have a clue of what I'm doing.EM80mi
00:00 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, Ah, and it appears I need to watch WSJT-X more closely while I'm typing into PingJockey!CM87wa
23:59 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, I forget if when you receive an OOO it automatically will have you TX an RO, but definitely if you receive an RO or RRR you have to manually select the next messageCM87wa
23:57 N4SVC SarcYou mean slid down to the "OOO" ?EM80mi
23:56 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, You'll have to manually sequence the short messages, since they don't have callsignsCM87wa
23:55 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, got you at offset 940 Hz. I'll stay TX on Hpol.CM87wa
23:53 N4SVC SarcMine says 100 HzEM80mi
23:53 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, could you try to TX on the other polarization next cycle? Still no decodes here, don't see a signal even.CM87wa
23:52 N4SVC SarcWe can switch easily. I only decoded you on Vert so farEM80mi
23:52 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, my software predicts a mutual doppler shift of 98 HzCM87wa
23:51 N4SVC Sarclooks like I'm offset down that farEM80mi
23:51 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, not seeing you, yet. If we have to TX and RX on different polarizations then it would be easier for you to do that with your relay.CM87wa
23:50 N4SVC SarcWe switch here in the shack with Relay up topside in front of LNAAEM80mi
23:50 WB6RJH/2X12/KW SamN4SVC Sarc, usually the Tx offset is set to 1270, whicih is what I'm doingCM87wa