17:33 AA9MY Bob..EN50fm
15:40 AB2VI/2X12XP/3H EdAnyone still around?FM29ma
15:38 AB2VI/2X12XP/3H EdI am back , anyone?FM29ma
14:57 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnN9SD OK thanks for the try !FN13ub
14:56 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnN9SD very windy and rainy here alsoFN13ub
14:53 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnI think I see traces but probably nothingFN13ub
14:52 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnYes me 2ndFN13ub
14:52 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnOK we can try another time !FN13ub
14:51 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnOK TXing nowFN13ub
14:48 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnOK I will be hereFN13ub
14:48 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnN9SD I will start TXing next period. Yes you are in the call fileFN13ub
14:46 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K John1270 hz?FN13ub
14:43 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnYeah not sure about Q65FN13ub
14:42 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnCall me I think that will help. I thought I saw a very light trace at 1582hzFN13ub
14:38 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnI can check all polarities with the RPOL but it will take a few sequencesFN13ub
14:34 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnOK even let me look againFN13ub
14:34 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnN9SD but a carrier might look like a birdie?FN13ub
14:32 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnWB9UWA Hi Earl I have the Commander HF-2500 with 2x 3CX800A7 nice solid ampFN13ub
14:31 K2ZJ/2X10RPOL/K JohnOK I am on 132FN13ub