16:17 S57Q Tone----- CQ CQ .125 1st JT65B -----JN76pa
16:17 S57Q ToneTK5JJ Jeanj tnx for infoJN76pa
16:17 TK5JJ/12H/K JeanjS57Q Only terrestral Tone .. Loud here JN42rh
16:16 S57Q ToneUA9YJM Sergey TNX for another QSO, today is fine trace, Best -25 dB. 73 and GL!JN76pa
16:16 UA9YJM/4X10H300 SergeyS57Q Tone , TNX for QSO. Best -25 dB. 73 and GL!NO13vm
16:09 S57Q ToneTK5JJ HI Jeanj JN76pa
16:09 TK5JJ/12H/K JeanjS57Q GA ToneJN42rh
16:03 S57Q Tone----- CQ CQ .125 1st JT65B -----JN76pa
16:00 S57Q ToneGA to all JN76pa
15:48 TK5JJ/12H/K JeanjSM5EPO GA PeoJN42rh
15:40 UA9YJM/4X10H300 SergeyStop CQ .122NO13vm
15:34 SM5EPO/17H/600 PeoStop CQ .123JP80mc
15:28 SM5EPO/17H/600 PeoTK5JJ Jeanj HiJP80mc
15:24 TK5JJ/12H/K JeanjHI all JN42rh
15:23 UA9YJM/4X10H300 Sergey----- CQ CQ .122 1st JT65B -----NO13vm
15:21 SM5CUI/60H/40V RuneHej Peo. There are only a few DX inlogged,here, but some more has MR soon__ https://prnt.sc/UEq_wNyJLlyzJO89ww
14:52 SM5EPO/17H/600 Peo----- CQ CQ .123 1st JT65B -----JP80mc
13:24 S52LM/4X14HV/1K MilosN9FN Dave HI, are you here?JN65tx
11:09 UA9YJM/4X10H300 SergeyStop CQ .122NO13vm
10:51 UA9YJM/4X10H300 Sergey----- CQ CQ .122 1st JT65B -----NO13vm
10:50 UA9YJM/4X10H300 SergeyALL HI!NO13vm
10:42 W6UC PhilTK5JJ Jeanj almost shakespeareanDM05ig
10:42 K1PTF/2X10/KW Jim***** Stop CQ Clear 144.130 *****FN22bx
10:41 W6UC PhilTK5JJ Jeanj hello and good morning DM05ig
10:38 TK5JJ/12H/K JeanjW6UC Phil....Poetic !!!!JN42rh
10:26 K1PTF/2X10/KW Jim***** CQ 144.130 JT65B Vpol 1st *****FN22bx
10:04 W6UC PhilVK2XN Wayne like a butterfly on fresh flowersDM05ig
10:04 VK2XN WayneNo CB0ZA seen here EME window was only a few minutes and he was QRT by then.... 73QF59ar
10:01 W6UC PhilVK2XN Wayne happy also to say had i think 5 or 6 make the cb0za log off the remote ok c u lDM05ig
10:01 VK2XN WayneDinner time here.... might catch you tomorrow at my MR phil?QF59ar
09:59 W6UC PhilVK2XN Wayne in person i refer to it as my death rey DM05ig
09:58 VK2XN Waynenice Catch Phil.... nothing like some big 10's with big ears n plenty of power!!QF59ar
09:57 VK2XN WayneYep that works, even for single yagi stations... :-)QF59ar
09:56 W6UC PhilVK2XN Wayne interesting note worked an HZ on six eme 5 elem 400 watts his sideDM05ig
09:55 W6UC PhilVK2XN Wayne 500 to 750 seems to work any thing on the air so far that i can hear but old story of aligatorDM05ig
09:52 VK2XN WayneThey can be a little touchy when running high power isolation suffersQF59ar
09:48 W6UC PhilVK2XN Wayne just telling dave lol that yes now just minor cosmetics im hesitant to install the mast mounted preamp as dave smoked his relays and were very much the same meggawattsDM05ig
09:47 VK2XN WayneHa.... got your 2m array working yet?QF59ar
09:45 W6UC PhilVK2XN Wayne my vk box on 2 meter weeps due to lonliness h hiDM05ig
09:44 VK2XN WayneG'day PhilQF59ar
09:35 W6UC PhilVK2XN Wayne hoolaDM05ig
09:22 VK2XN WayneThanks again Dave GN ...73QF59ar
09:20 WA6LOL/2X13HKW DaveVK2XN Wayne gooood nite 73 QRTCM97tx
09:20 WA6LOL/2X13HKW DaveVK2XN Wayne probably see ya tomorrow ill try and bone up on that predictive program hihiCM97tx
09:19 VK2XN WayneRR dave, similar result my end as yesterdayQF59ar
09:17 WA6LOL/2X13HKW DaveVK2XN Wayne stoppingCM97tx
09:16 WA6LOL/2X13HKW DaveVK2XN Wayne i will check out gj tracker tooCM97tx
09:16 VK2XN Wayne-30*QF59ar
09:15 VK2XN WayneIt's looking like timr to stop Dave... have almost lost you... -268QF59ar
09:14 VK2XN Waynesounds like an accurate program, I must DL it and have a playQF59ar