11:56 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtGE all, see you tomorrow!FK96ig
11:55 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtZL1HD Peter thank you for the lotw confirmation !FK96ig
11:49 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW Peterok You sort. TnxRF82bh
11:49 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW PeterTnx, I will sort it. 73RF82bh
11:49 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtZL1HD Peter Hum I see, my bad, it was 2020-07-27, I modify it nowFK96ig
11:48 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW PeterFG8OJ ok my log time must be incorrect. It says 1.13RF82bh
11:47 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtZL1HD Peter I have the qso on lotw 2020-07-26 00:17:00FK96ig
11:46 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW PeterTnx for the try BurtRF82bh
11:45 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW PeterFG8OJ Burt. I see you havent uploaded our EME contact to LOTW yetRF82bh
11:44 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtZL1HD Peter thank you for the try, maybe more lucky tomorrow, good nigth !FK96ig
11:43 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtStop CQ .111FK96ig
11:40 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtZL1HD Peter nothing decoded so far hereFK96ig
11:39 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW PeterAny sign of me?RF82bh
11:39 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW Peter1138 -23 2.8 1131 #* CQ FG8OJ FK96RF82bh
11:32 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtZL1HD RR, good luck PeterFK96ig
11:31 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW Petercalling u BurtRF82bh
11:29 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtZL1HD thank you for report Peter !FK96ig
11:29 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW Peter1128 -25 2.9 1140 #* CQ FG8OJ FK96 RF82bh
11:26 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtZL1HD Hi PeterFK96ig
11:26 ZL1HD/4X11H/KW PeterFG8OJ Hi BurtRF82bh
11:25 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtKD2LGX Larry RRR thank you for the try. I seen you perfectly from 1113 to 1119z best -24FK96ig
11:07 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K Burt----- CQ CQ .111 1st ------FK96ig
11:06 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtK2ZJ John that\'s great! We will try with LarryFK96ig
11:05 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtKD2LGX Larry great Larry!FK96ig
11:04 KD2LGX/4X9H/KW LarryFG8OJ firing up the amp now sirFN13ig
11:04 K2ZJ/2X18V/K JohnWould you like to call CQ and I will see if I can see you? I just hooked up RPOL so I can swith H/V nowFN13ub
11:03 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtK2ZJ hello John, yes !FK96ig
11:02 K2ZJ/2X18V/K JohnFG8OJ Burt are you still here?FN13ub
10:46 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtKD2LGX Hi Larry, ready for a try?FK96ig
10:44 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtGM/GE anyone for a try ?FK96ig
10:13 KD2LGX/4X9H/KW LarryGM anyone around?FN13ig
05:58 F5AQX/4X10H/500 AndreQRT, back 21:00 U, 73 to all !JN27sd
04:42 F5AQX/4X10H/500 AndreSTOP CQ 120JN27sd
04:30 F5AQX/4X10H/500 Andre====== CQ 144.120 first, again 10 minsJN27sd
03:53 KC8MUE Robertf5aqx you are my first decodeEN63tj
03:48 F5AQX/4X10H/500 AndreSTOP CQ 120JN27sd
03:36 F5AQX/4X10H/500 Andre====== CQ 144.120 firstJN27sd
03:34 F5AQX/4X10H/500 AndreHello to allJN27sd
02:02 5B0EME/2X11H/KW Alexgn allKM64tv
01:07 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtStop CQ .113 QRT, will be there around 1000zFK96ig
01:05 R3PA/2X14/1K VictorQRT NOW , 73 to ALLKO93jv
01:03 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtR3PA GN Victor, 73FK96ig
01:02 R3PA/2X14/1K VictorFG8OJ Burt 73 and GN, see you laterKO93jv
01:00 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtR3PA Victor I just seen this on my second software : 005300 1 -29 2.7 143 3 * FG8OJ R3PA KO93FK96ig
00:59 FG8OJ/4X7H/1K BurtIU4FKR GE Marco, I have to go to bed tonigth but I will be there next daysFK96ig
00:59 R3PA/2X14/1K VictorFG8OJ Burt tnx for try, i looking for youKO93jv