07:04 DL8DAU/2X9H MatttestJO40me
04:24 PA0V/6X9XP NankoStopped.JO33ii
04:08 PA0V/6X9XP NankoCQ second 144.126 JT65 5 minutes.JO33ii
02:32 FM5CS Rstop CQ BNFK94ll
02:21 FM5CS RCQ .131 5mn FK94ll
02:21 FM5CS RCQ .131 5mn FK94ll
01:38 N4SVC/2X12H/V SarcTestEM80mi
01:37 N4SVC/2X12H/V SarcTestEM80mi
01:36 N4SVC SarcTestEM80mi
01:35 N4SVC SarcTestEM80mi
09:58 W6UC PhilXE2YWH Jose DM05ig
08:33 LU8ENU Juan?GF05rl
02:56 AB1OC/4X2MXP28 Fredtest 2FN42er
02:51 AB1OC FredtestFN42er
00:49 JA1TGO/R/4X13H UtahtestPM95pq
00:33 LU8ENU Juanstop cqGF05rl
00:12 LU8ENU JuanCQCQCQ 120 JT65B 2NDGF05rl
00:12 LU8ENU JuanCQCQCQ 120 JT65B 2NDGF05rl
20:11 UR3VKC/7MDISH Artemhi allKN68np
03:54 WQ5S/2X12H/KW BradGN All QRT hereEM13ci
03:33 WQ5S/2X12H/KW BradTropo 0332 -20 -0.4 1481 : CQ K5DOG EM00EM13ci
03:00 WQ5S/2X12H/KW BradYour Welcome. EM13ci
02:59 XE2YWH/2X13 Josetnx Brad DL92ag
02:58 WQ5S/2X12H/KW BradCQ StoppedEM13ci
02:48 WQ5S/2X12H/KW BradRREM13ci
02:48 XE2YWH/2X13 Joseonly 160WDL92ag
02:47 WQ5S/2X12H/KW Brad====CQ 144.122 2nd Q65-60A====EM13ci
02:47 WQ5S/2X12H/KW BradlistenEM13ci
02:47 WQ5S/2X12H/KW BradOhh sorry I just realized I was on the worng frequency. I will CQ again pse liten EM13ci
02:46 WQ5S/2X12H/KW Brad73 Jose CONDX not very good right now. Be glad to try with you anytime. What is you power?EM13ci
02:40 XE2YWH/2X13 Josetnx for you time 73DL92ag
02:38 WQ5S/2X12H/KW BradCQ Stopped no trace seenEM13ci
02:26 XE2YWH/2X13 Joseyes TNXDL92ag
02:25 WQ5S/2X12H/KW Brad====CQ 144.122 2nd Q65-60A====EM13ci
02:22 XE2YWH/2X13 JoseHi Brad 73DL92ag
02:20 WQ5S/2X12H/KW BradGE JoseEM13ci
02:17 XE2YWH/2X13 JoseGN all QRV Q65 144DL92ag
01:42 WQ5S/2X12H/KW BradMoonrise here anyone QRV??EM13ci
22:01 PA0V/6X9XP NankoGood luck !!JO33ii
22:00 DL1ARS MichaelYour station works fine too. Thank you an 73. I try some CQ Calls on 120.JN48jh
22:00 PA0V/6X9XP NankoDL1ARS Thank you for try ! QSO is easy under better circumstances, Your station works fine ! CUL 73 for nowJO33ii
21:59 DL1ARS MichaelYes we can try later. Thank you so much for the test here.JN48jh
21:59 PA0V/6X9XP NankoTropo only at the moment. I am here often, we can try again soon !JO33ii
21:58 DL1ARS MichaelThank you for your help.JN48jh
21:57 PA0V/6X9XP NankoSorry, this is not going to work Antenna is aiming to you, tropo signal ruins decodes. Lets try later NP with mistakes, after years EME I am making them too !JO33ii
21:56 DL1ARS Michaelokay i go back to OOO. -14 on your last TX. Sorry for mistakes. My first EME QSO.JN48jh
21:55 PA0V/6X9XP NankoDL1ARS I think you have false decodes aswell I hear RRR but I am still in message 1 !JO33ii
21:52 PA0V/6X9XP NankoMichael check DT, should be 2JO33ii
21:52 DL1ARS MichaelNo copy on your last txJN48jh
21:52 PA0V/6X9XP NankoNow RRR and 0.6 DT decoding difficultJO33ii