20:02 F4HBY/2X15/700W Laurent=== stop cq .131IN97at
19:16 F4HBY/2X15/700W Laurent============== CQ CQ .131 JT65B 1stIN97at
17:48 F4HBY/2X15/700W Laurent=== stop cq .131IN97at
17:36 F4HBY/2X15/700W Laurent73 CostaIN97at
17:30 IK8YSS/2X11 CostaStop CQ.125 QRT , tnx All 73JN70ll
17:24 IK8YSS/2X11 CostaOk Rade i come bach H polJN70ll
17:22 S54AC/4X11RP/1 RadeIK8YSS Costa ciao, I find you now on V pol...,1720 -28 2.6 1169 #* CQ IK8YSS JN70 JN86fn
17:20 F4HBY/2X15/700W Laurent============== CQ CQ .131 JT65B 1stIN97at
17:16 IK8YSS/2X11 CostaS54AC now V pol RadeJN70ll
17:12 IK8YSS/2X11 CostaS54AC ciao Rade tnx rptJN70ll
17:09 F4HBY/2X15/700W Laurent=== stop cq .131IN97at
17:09 S54AC/4X11RP/1 Rade1708 -26 2.6 1330 #* CQ IK8YSS JN70 ... RX H polJN86fn
16:57 IK8YSS/2X11 Costa***** CQ.125 1st JT65b *****JN70ll
16:54 F4HBY/2X15/700W Laurent============== CQ CQ .131 JT65B 1stIN97at
16:54 IK8YSS/2X11 Costa*** GE All ***JN70ll
16:51 S54AC/4X11RP/1 RadeF4HBY Laurent tnx for qso, b-20 today, 73 and GL!, 1646 -20 2.6 1672 ## S54AC F4HBY IN97 OOO JN86fn
16:50 F4HBY/2X15/700W LaurentS54AC, tnx Rade for the QSO ! B-24 : 1649 -24 -2.1 1211 # 73IN97at
16:39 F4HBY/2X15/700W Laurent============== CQ CQ .131 JT65B 1stIN97at
15:26 F1CML/4X21HQ RogerCq CW 145 firstJN07we
15:02 F1CML/4X21HQ RogerI heaJN07we
15:02 F1CML/4X21HQ RogerGoodbyJN07we
14:58 IW4ARD/4X12HV/K GianniSTOP CQ .125 no takersJN64fd
14:40 F1CML/4X21HQ RogerCq CW 145 firstJN07we
14:38 F1CML/4X21HQ Roger73toallJN07we
14:38 IW4ARD/4X12HV/K Gianni### CQ 2nd .125 JT65B ###JN64fd
14:36 IW4ARD/4X12HV/K GianniAnyone on the Moon?JN64fd
14:34 IW4ARD/4X12HV/K GianniHi to all EME'rsJN64fd
14:11 OM4CW VladoF6BEG Gerard yes, maybe September 27 - 29JN88un
14:05 F6BEG/2X12/600 Gerardyes Vlado, I will tell you when ready but the moon is not in a good position these daysJN25js
14:04 VK3MAP Brodiecq .125 jt65b 1stQF21sk
14:03 OM4CW VladoF6BEG rr Gerard, let's try a EME QSO then :-)JN88un
14:00 F6BEG/2X12/600 Gerardgood news Vladon ready to receive it, I miss EME!JN25js
13:59 OM4CW VladoF6BEG Hi Gerard good news, today we sent you TAJFUN 1000JN88un
13:54 F6BEG/2X12/600 Gerardgood afternoon gentlemen, I am looking for a new transceiver to replace my old FT847, has anyone an idea? JN25js
13:53 VK3MAP Brodiestop cq .125QF21sk
13:43 VK3MAP BrodieCQ 144.125 jt65b 1stQF21sk
13:26 OM4CW VladoStop CQ .122JN88un
13:13 OM4CW Vlado=== CQ .122 1st JT65B ===JN88un
13:12 OM4CW VladoHI ALLJN88un
19:50 W6UC PhilN6WS Bill sparse pikins fo usDM05ig
19:08 N0BOO Doug73 NankoEN10nw
19:06 N0BOO DougSorry. Looks like we will have to try another day. I don't see you anymoreEN10nw
19:06 PA0V/6X9XP NankoMoon has set. Next time Doug. FB signal from you, will be an easy QSO Thanks try cul 73 !JO33ii
19:03 PA0V/6X9XP NankoHope we can make it today. Signal dropped and moon is at 0.25...JO33ii
19:02 PA0V/6X9XP NankoNonsense, I was calling CQ .Now with your callJO33ii
19:01 PA0V/6X9XP NankoN0BOO RR Doug . Still answering you JO33ii
18:59 N0BOO DougHi Nanko. WSJTX locked up and I had to rebootEN10nw
18:57 PA0V/6X9XP NankoN0BOO Hello. Big signal from you B -16 Its eems you dont copy me.JO33ii
18:36 PA0V/6X9XP NankoCQ second 144.126 JT65JO33ii
18:03 OM4CW VladoStop CQ .122JN88un